TEK diving: Nitrox and rebreather

"TEK diving" is a term that often impresses the novice diver. However, TEK diving is within everyone's reach!
At LAVANDOU PLONGÉE you can (learn how to) dive with Nitrox or a rebreather.

NITROX diving
NITROX diving

Adding oxygen to the air in your bottle allows better desaturation of your body.

As a result, duration of your decompression stops decreases, and you are considerably less tired at the end of your dive.

It is not difficult to become a NITROX diver! Two dives and a succinct theoretical training are enough. This qualification is accessible from CMAS 1*.

To become a confirmed NITROX diver, you will attend a slightly longer training: 4 dives + theoretical course, accessible from CMAS 2*. Unfortunately, this training is not given in English - French courses only.

LAVANDOU PLONGÉE has a NITROX stick and an oxygen compressor, allowing to provide Nitrox mixes from 32% up to 100% O2.

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Rebreather diving
Rebreather diving

Have you ever dreamed of diving without bubbles, with fewer decompression stops, and a longer autonomy span? The Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) is made for you!
The rebreather is a closed-circuit device: the air you exhale is reused (recycled), passing through a filter that removes carbon dioxide. After being enriched in O2, you can once again breathe in this recycled air. And therefore, without making any bubble!
The machine adapts to your depth by producing the best mixture. Your saturations and desaturations are optimized, which reduces the decompression stops. In addition, a rebreather diver has an autonomy span increased by 3 to 4 times compared to a "classic" diver in open circuit.
Nothing but benefits!

Does rebreather diving sound tempting to you? We offer try dives and trainings.

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CE rebreather divers are welcome! We can supply whitewash and bail-outs. O2 filling on site.
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