Exploration dives

Le Lavandou has an ideal geographical location,
from where you can reach a wide range of exceptional scuba-diving sites.

Port-Cros National Park and wrecks

Port-Cros National Park - with the Gabinière in particular - is only 6 nautical miles away! The shallow waters, rocks and drop-offs shelter a rich and diverse fauna and flora: groupers, barracudas, dentis, moonfishes, sea bream, conger eels, moray eels, nacres, gorgonians, sponges, not to mention ... the girelles!

For the more experienced divers, discover some of the most mythical wrecks of the Mediterranean: the Donator, the Greek, the Barge aux Congres, the Togo, the Rubis, Wildcat and Hellcat aircrafts, Spahis ... (Careful: for some wrecks a CMAS 3* is required; please inquire).

Trips to Port-Cros diving spots and surroundings
Trips to Port-Cros diving spots and surroundings

Dives at Port-Cros National Park are accessible to all persons owning a diving certificate (whichever organization issued it). A dive trip lasts for about half a day and can be enjoyed by divers of all levels.

During a "day trip" (2 dives with a stopover in Port-Cros), you will be able to discover the terrestrial beauty of the National Park, as well as the exotic charm of its harbor. Night dives can be organized on request.

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Wreck trips
Wreck trips

Wreck trips are accessible to all persons owning a CMAS 2* diving certificate minimum or equivalent. They are generally planned 2 or 3 times a week, in the morning.

If you can, we also organize one-week wreck stays with all-inclusive package (dives + full board accommodation), during which you will have the opportunity to discover all the richness of the seabed.

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You don’t have a diving certificate yet?

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In order to dive with us, please show us on spot:

your diving certification card
a valid medical certificate for scuba diving, less than one year old (delivered by a general practitioner)
a specific scuba diving liability insurance (contact your insurer and ask him to provide you with a certificate), or a license for the current year (can be issued on site).

* For minors:

in addition to all documents mentioned above, we need a parental permission.