School / Teenager and adult training

LAVANDOU PLONGEE is an accredited scuba diving school recognized by the French Federation of Underwater Sports (FFESSM)
and the World Confederation of Underwater Activities (CMAS), that offers you international certification programs.
These are based on continuous assessment.

International scuba-diving school

Beginner to experienced diver

Scheme of hierarchy

Introduction training: acquire the keys to discover the underwater world, ensure your own safety and learn how to be part of a diving group, accompanied by an instructor (maximum depth: 20 meter). 5 sessions from Monday to Friday.

Basic training: Allows you to use enriched air mixes up to 40% O2 during your entire dive, increasing therefore your safety and reducing your fatigue. 2 sessions + theory. From 16 years old. Can be combined with a Level 2 or 3 training, a group stay, or a Rock / Wrecks stay.

Without engaging in a full training, improve your use of the stabilizing jacket, reconcile with the mask clearing ...


Registration / Conditions

Would you like to register for a training? Please confirm your participation (by email or by phone), then return the reservation form to us by post, accompanied by a 25% deposit.
Download the reservation form

To join our trainings, please show us on spot:

a valid medical certificate for scuba diving, less than one year old (delivered by a general practitioner)
a FFESSM license for the current year (can be issued on site).

* For minors:

in addition to all documents mentioned above, we need a parental permission.


LAVANDOU PLONGEE has certified thousands of divers since its creation in 1992. Our teaching is based on the success of our divers. However, no level or qualification can be issued if the skills required by the FFESSM have not been assimilated at the end of the training. The recommended training duration is a minimum, so you may have to perform additional technical dives according to your skills.

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