Discover scuba-diving

You never did any scuba-diving in your life, and you would like to know what it's like to breathe underwater?
Try scuba diving. The first time is an experience to remember – and you will be surprised by just how much fun it is.
A try dive is accessible to everybody, adults and children (from 8 years), without any prior experience.

What happens on a try dive?

Your scuba instructor will spend a little time with you explaining the basic principles of scuba diving and give you an overview of your diving equipment, which is supplied by our club.
Once you feel comfortable and you are ready to go, your instructor will take you underwater for a short discovery dive up to 20 feet / 6 meters.

At the end of your dive you will receive a certificate. The whole experience takes about half a day. Before or after your dive, you are free to do some snorkeling around!

minimum age: 8 years
a medical certificate is NOT necessary


(all year round)
Try dives from our boat can take place either in the bay of Le Lavandou, or in the Port Cros National Park, following our program and our availabilities.

The bay of Le Lavandou, which runs from Cap Benat on the West side and Cap Negre on the East side, offers a lot of nice diving sites sheltered from the wind, and very appropriate for try dives. It takes a 15 minutes boat trip to get there.

A little bit more time (half an hour) is necessary to reach the creeks of the Port-Cros National Park, known for its clear water full of fish. Please note that we don't make a stop on the island itself!

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(3 dives)
The « Discovery Pack » includes 3 dives, wich will all take place in between 0 and 6 meters deep. It allows you to discover scuba-diving further more, without committing to a complete training course. The dives will be made over 3 half-days (most of the times in the afternoon), and only by reservation.

The first diving session consist in a try dive. During the other two dives, we will teach you some more basic skills, and pursue by an exploration dive. Whilst the try dive will be made alone with the instructor, the second and third dive can eventually be made in a groupe of two divers with one instructor. The three dives will be validated by the French Diving Federation (FFESSM), and can be subsequently be incorporated into the official FFESSM dive log.

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